You’re on the hunt for a new cell phone and you want to also purchase an Otterbox case to keep it safe and secure for your hectic lifestyle. You’re looking into getting a case for ZTE Grand X Max with Otter Box style. However, Otter Box doesn’t seem to have any cases available for the ZTE phones, so you’re now at a loss of where to turn. Well let’s take a look at your options, and you can make an educated decision.

If you want to stick with the ZTE Grand X Max phone, and want to find a case that will naturally fit, try the ZTE Grand X Max Case in RANZ BLACK with Rugged Impact Armor Hybrid Kickstand Cover with Belt Clip Holster Case. Starting off great with its ability to perfectly fit the ZTE model you’re currently eyeing, the rubberized material of the case is rugged and durable. The non-slip grip and belt clip holder that swivels provides easy handling and maneuvering. It even comes with a viewing stand that protrudes from the case, creating an upright position for optimal viewing capacity.

But if you’re more intrigued with the Otter Box case and are willing to find a phone that fits those instead, go with the Otter Box iPhone 6/6S Resurgence Power Case. This magical case delivers secure protection and defense for your phone, and it can double the length of your battery life with its built-in battery. It’s also equipped with auto-stop technology, so it will automatically turn off at 100% to preserve the power. Furthermore, it’s military-rated drop protection just proves this case to be an exceptional buy, even if you can’t find a case for ZTE Grand X Max from Otter Box.

Whichever you choose, Otter Box cases and ZTE Grand X Max phones are quality products ready to meet all of your cellular needs.