Your phone is now the most important thing you own. It can feed you when you are hungry, locate a restroom when you are squirming, and help you find a hotel when you are tired.
Such an important item to living everyday life deserves quality protection. A case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can be a great way to protect your phone from life’s bumps and bruises.

Thanks to the exploding cell phone market, the options for your new case are virtually unlimited. Nature lovers can choose a trendy pink flower case or a NagaBee Hybrid Plum Blossom case.

Offering more protection for a higher price, Samsung owners can not go wrong with a Wavelength Series case from Caseology. These cases are shock proof, less prone to slipping out of your hand or pocket due to their textured leather material, and are highly resistant to oil, dirt, and scratches that seek to mar your beautiful phone.

But it does not stop there. Another one of our favorites is the OBLIQ Naked Shield cases. These are transparent and allow the natural beauty and color of your Samsung Galaxy S6 to show. A small micro kickstand allows you to go from portrait to landscape mode and watch videos hands-free whenever you have a moment to binge on Netflix.

A case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is really a style statement combined with a practical insurance policy for your all-in-one communication tool. When shopping for a case, you have to balance price and brand recognition with the style and functionality that particular case offers. Off brand cases that you would see in the middle of the mall may be cheap for a reason and not truly absorb the shock of solid concrete when you need them to.

Consider how often you rely on your phone to accomplish the most basic tasks and you will realize a happy phone is one with a stylish and sturdy case or three.