As one of the most popular names in smartphones, Samsung provides a dizzying range of devices from which to choose. One of their latest and most popular models is the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and if you have purchased one, you definitely want a protective case for the Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i.

Though technology is becoming more durable over time, you can still smash a screen or crush the workings inside your phone with one wrong move, and a case for the Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i can really help reduce or eliminate the risks. However, you don’t have to settle for any stock or standard cases when on a search for a case for your Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i. There are many fun and fashionable styles.

Xtra-Funky is well known for its colorful designs. They make an Exclusive Soft Silicone Multi Colored Floral Flower and Butterfiles Case for the devices. With an eye-catching design and a soft and easy to grasp material, you won’t easily misplace or damage the device. They also make their multi-purpose Exclusive Aztec Tribal Mexican Patterned Faux Leather Flip Wallet Purse Case with Credit Card and Money Slots. Functioning as a wallet and protective case, it features openings for the camera and a bold print that guarantees you stay stylish and secure.

If you want something a bit more discreet, this same manufacturer produces their Exclusive Faux Leather Flip Purse Wallet Style Case. With an embedded rose design on the magnetic closing strap, this case for the Samsung Galaxy Ace is extremely discreet, casual and yet still attractive and protective.

If you are a “bare bones” kind of buyer, the Generic Gel Skin Case is for you. Light in weight and yet promising complete coverage of the back and the corners, it comes with a screen protector for added value.

You don’t have to compromise when you purchase a phone case, and the choices here let you go from basic to bold, fun to functional, and even multi-purpose.