Trying to fish a phone out of your bag or briefcase when you need it the most is more than just annoying. It is time consuming and can be awkward, especially if it won’t stop ringing when you’re in a public place. However, keeping your phone in your pocket is not a very safe alternative, as it can slip out pretty easily when you sit down or bend to pick something up. Most people find the most convenience in using a phone case with a belt clip. These phone cases combine the best of function, style, and safety, so you can easily integrate them into your everyday fashion.

The Microseven Rugged Armor Stand Case LG34C with Belt Clip Holster has been designed with distinguished style and features. The neon colored borders around the black interior sends out a cool vibe. You can choose between five different colors and the hard rubberized case comes with a soft silicone inner layer that nestles your phone with utmost care. The case also comes with a built-in kickstand that you’re able to use with the case and the holster, making it easy to watch videos or read without engaging your hands.

The LG Optimus Zone 2 Hybrid Case Cover comes in a revolutionary design, styled in 10 different colors. Included with the case is a high quality belt clip that you can swivel 360 degrees without taking it off. Besides the usual perks, including a kickstand and easy grip case, this cover provides dual layer protection. If you need the most enhanced protection for your phone, the Miniturtle Active S4 IV Case LG34C with Belt Clip is another magnificent model. With a combination of hard polycarbonate plastic and soft silicone skin, your phone will be covered with optimal protection.

Choose the best accessory and protection for your phone with a hybrid case LG34C with belt clip. These protective cases greatly increase accessibility and convenience and prevent all kinds of damage to your phone.