Your phone is an extension of you, so you want to keep it safe and secure with a case that expresses your personal style and taste. There are so many different phone cases available today that provide protection, style, or fun – whichever you prefer. If you’re a business person, you can use an executive multi-functional case. If you love the outdoors, you can find a rugged case with an equally rugged look, and if you have a loud personality, there are plenty of cases featuring bright colors and cartoon characters to suit your taste.

A protective case for your LG Power L22C Straight Talk phone won’t just give it a new look. If you get a solid and reliable protective case, it could actually lengthen the service life of your phone, possibly for years. 

Extend your professional look to your phone case with the NageBee Wallet Flip Case for LG L22C Smart Phone. This is a multi-purpose flip case that any business person will appreciate and enjoy. The classic and elegant design in brown leather will keep your phone protected while keeping you looking classy. It’s also available in over 20 different colors, so you can pair a different one with all of your outfits throughout the year.

If you take a lot of adventures and love hanging out in the great outdoors, the Rugged Holster Case with Belt Clip and Kickstand by Tommulti will suit you perfectly. The rugged, hybrid case is equipped with a kickstand and built-in belt clip holster for convenient carrying. Its two-tone black and neon design is available in different colors, so everyone can choose a favorite.

A cute case for the LG L22C smart phone includes the LG Minnie Mouse Silicon Cover and the Lilo & Stitch cover. Express your fun side and revisit the child in you with these adorable, soft, shock-resistant cases.

The Hybrid Armor Dual Layer Rhino Rugged Case Bundle with Screen Protector & Stylus is one option. This package gets you a uniquely designed silicon and hard plastic case that utilizes several layers of protection to absorb shocks and impacts. The locking belt clip on the case can actually swivel to become a kickstand for setting your phone on a flat surface – convenient for watching videos or doing video calls. Purchase includes a free film screen protector that can keep your screen clean and clear without interfering with touch screen interactivity.

Another impressive protective case is the D’eJoy Armor Series’ Dual-Layer Anti-Scratch Case. This combination of TPU and polycarbonate not only protects your phone, but also has anti-slip properties that make your phone easier to grip (and less likely to drop from your hands). In case that happens, that’s what this protective case’s Drop Protection Air Corners are for – absorbing impact that might otherwise be lethal to an unprotected LG Power L22C.

And if you’re intent on lengthening your phone’s service life, you should also look into getting a Mr Shield [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector. Made from real tempered glass, this 0.3mm thick screen protector can actually keep your screen from breaking should your phone suffer from screen-shattering impact. It might break or crack in the process, but at least your screen will be intact. A Lifetime Replacement Warranty is even included with purchase.

If you don’t want the simple act of accidentally dropping your phone to be a potentially expensive mistake, get a reliable protective case for your LG Power L22C Straight Talk phone.  Secure your phone in style with a case that matches your taste.