Phone cases are a dime a dozen, what with so many different brands and models being sold on the market nowadays. You can easily find one to fit your phone, keep it mildly protected and buy it cheap enough that if your break or lose it, you won’t be crying over it’s absence. But when you get a nicer smartphone, like a Nokia Lumia 640xl, you want to find a case worthwhile in keeping your phone at its best. Give your phone the safety and durability it deserves with a case for your 640xl.

Never fear for your phone when it’s surrounded by this Evocel Heavy Duty Armor Case with Stand for Nokia Lumia 640XL. As rugged as it is fashionable, this case offers dual-layer protection in the form of a TPU inner lining and a rough, polycarbonate shell. Its textured design and lip guards act as tiny grips for easy hand-held behavior, and it comes with a locking stand to easily post up and watch your screen on landscape mode. For a reliable case for your 640xl, you can’t go wrong with this Evocel brand item.

If you want a sleeker look that still touts functionality and dependability, go with a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Phone Case, from StormBuy. With a hard, quality plastic shell on the outside and a soft gel skin on the inside, this case gives you the best of both worlds in appearing smooth and lean, while still receiving the support you want in a case for your 640xl. And its assortment of colors allows you to personalize your phone, without losing function.

Don’t give in to a random case just for the sake of saving a few dollars. Get a quality item, for a manageable price, that will still be practical while also looking stylish to fit your needs.