How many times have you heard your phone ringing, but haven’t been able to get to it in time and missed an important call? That’s happened to many of us when we had the phone buried either in our pockets or our purses. You call the person back, but it’s too late to reach them. Avoid having that happen to you again by keeping your phone in a case for 6 Edge with a belt clip so you can reach your phone as soon as it rings.

There are many different types of phone cases that clip onto your belt. Some of these are like ones designed by De-Bin out of high quality leather so they appear professional for the workplace. De-Bin also provides a strap on their case that folds over the phone to protect it from impact of objects you might brush against or if it would fall off your belt. That one is designed to old your phone parallel to your belt, but BOMEA produces a very similar case that holds the phone upright and perpendicular to your belt.

E LV offers a case for 6 Edge with a belt clip that holds your phone in a position that can rotate either perpendicular or parallel to your belt. The appeal of this holder is that not only is it a holster, but the case remains on the phone when you remove it from the holster. That case even has a kickstand so you can watch videos on it while it sits on your desk.

One of the other features these cases have is an opening so you can reach a button to silence your phone when it is ringing. This can be very useful when in meetings or in a crowded location. These functions are all very useful, but in the end you will need to choose one with the features you need and the design you find most attractive.