You know that protecting your electronics – especially your laptop, tablet, and smartphone – with high quality covers, cases, and screen protectors is absolutely essential if you want them to work well and look nice for as long as they can, but if you have a 20 inch tablet, it can be difficult to find a good case for it. 20 inch tablets provide numerous benefits for people who work in photography, architecture, gaming, and many other fields. Like many others, you’re probably excited about the prospect of using such a massive tablet, but how do you keep it protected?

The Navitech Tablet Case Cover Bag was designed for the Panasonic 20 inch 4K Toughpad, but it will fit mostly any 20 inch tablets and thin laptops. This high quality case for a 20 inch tablet is built with three layers of padding inside of the water-resistant lining. There is also a waterproof pocket on the inside in case you have to travel with your tablet on a very rainy day.

The ROCCAT Tusko Widescreen Gaming Bag was designed for flat screen monitors up to 24 inches, so it makes the perfect case for a 20 inch tablet too. This case is water and dirt repellent and designed with a Clip’n’Go system, which will secure a monitor, laptop, or tablet at four points to keep it from moving around inside of the bag. The inside also features a hard plastic plate that will provide your tablet with added protection against bumps and falls. With snap hooks, strap grip, and a shoulder pad, this is a comfortable bag to carry your tablet in.

A high quality case for the 20 inch tablet may be a bit difficult to find, but it’s not impossible, and it’s certainly important that you find one to keep your tablet safe and protected.