Asus makes only the highest quality computer products. Their laptops are true MacBook competitors from the windows market. If you own an Asus laptop you’re going to want to keep it protected with a durable and convenient case. To help narrow your search for an Asus laptop case, we’re going to highlight a few popular models using a 17-inch Asus laptop as a template.

To start with you’re going to want an everyday carry sleeve that will protect your device when it’s not in use. The Case Star Neoprene case for a 17 inch Asus laptop will keep your device safe and clean. This case comes in black or baby blue and the neoprene material is extremely easy to clean. It measures 16.75 by 12 by 0.5 inches and will fit most 17 inches laptops. The elastic material will stretch to fit slightly larger devices, but nothing bigger than 17 inches.

If you already have your case for a 17 inch Asus laptop and are more concerned about the style, try a vinyl decal like the TaylorHe Britain Blue 17 inch Laptop Skin. This vinyl decal features a starry blue space scene that will truly make your laptop stand out from its counterparts. The decal is easy to apply and was designed to not leave any sticky residue upon removal, so you don’t need to worry about changing your mind on the design down the road.

Students already have enough trouble trying to find space for their textbooks and other supplies without needing to worry about keeping their laptop safe. That’s why Asus made the Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack for 17-inches G-Series Notebooks. This large backpack has a section specifically designed to house your Asus laptop. It is lightweight, durable and waterproof. Asus laptops are inexpensive, but not cheap, so they shouldn’t be housed in a cheap case.