Hard cover cases provide the best protection for Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display. As they sport a hard shell cover, they do a much better job of guarding the surface of this particular Apple laptop model.

In searching for the best hard case for 15 inch MacBook Pro Retina Display, the rubberized hard case texture fits the bill perfectly. The high-quality rubberized coating provides a snug fit so you can protect your MacBook from any scratches, dents, or accidental hard knocks. As this material is soft, it can be snapped on to your laptop easily, while letting you have full access to all the buttons and ports without having to remove the case.

Brands like TopCase, Kuzy, and iPearl offer one of the best rubberized hard case covers for MacBook Pro Retina Display. TopCase’s selection, for instance, comes in a wide range of colors and user-friendly features, such as easy snap-on and padded raisers that allow the fans to provide good ventilation for the laptop. You can also benefit from other add-ons like the neoprene sleeve that offers additional protection against dust and scratches, LCD screen protector to prevent stains from being embedded into the touch screen, and the keyboard cover that offers full protection from dirt, dust, and liquid spill.

Kuzy’s rubberized hard cover case for 15 inch MacBook Pro Retina Display is perfect for those who want a hard case that lets them show off the Apple logo. With its no cut-out design, the logo shines though the case, while enabling you to open or close your laptop and access all the ports effortlessly. The matte rubberized texture is also soft to touch yet provides a good grip, so you can take it out from your bag without slipping off. Most importantly, the cover itself is fully vented, so you can be sure your Macbook disburses heat safely.

iPearl’s hard shell case is a great buy if you want a hard cover case that’s shatter-proof. It is also equipped with retractable feet at the rear bottom so you can type with more ease and comfort, while keeping your laptop cool. It also has extra ventilation holes located near the battery compartment to provide better heat dissipation when being charged or used.

Hard cover cases are your best bet if you want to provide ultimate protection for your 15 inch MacBook Pro Retina Display. They fit like a glove to perfectly complement the sleekness of your MacBook Pro, while letting you feel more secure when carrying your laptop wherever you go.