Having a case for your laptop is incredibly important, as these electronic devices hold more and more of our life every year. Not only do we store work and school information on our laptops, we now also keep all of our song collections, years of digital pictures, videos and much more. Assuring that your laptop stays safe and sound may require a number of different cases – and an interior laptop sleeve that goes inside your case provides even greater peace of mind.

Case Star Neoprene Laptop Notebook Ultrabook Sleeve Case for Pro Air 15.6” in paradise blue with a grey zipper is an inexpensive way to make sure that your laptop or other smaller electronic device is stored safely and will not be damaged by bumps or shocks. The high quality and durable neoprene material keeps dust off of delicate electronics, and has a zipper for simple insertion and removal. This sleeve fits most smaller electronics and even small laptops or tablets. Neoprene can have a strong smell, so let this case for a 15 inch HP laptop in blue air out for a few days before you start using it.

Kamor also has a great case for a 15 inch HP laptop in blue – the Water-Resistant Neoprene Laptop Sleeve for Notebook Computers. The lovely powder blue is not the only color that this particular case comes in, it is also available in dark blue, purple, pink, royal, black and silver. Offering a precise fit for ultrabooks and laptops, the slim-line design means that the case can fit inside your favorite bag as well as be used alone to keep your expensive HP laptop from experiencing shocks, bumps, or scratches.

Keep your computer safe, by using a neoprene laptop sleeve that protect while offering a great choice of looks to match your style.