When you own a laptop, you will want to have all the right accessories for using it. Of course, this includes a great case if you plan on using your computer while on the go. If you own a model that’s part of Lenovo’s popular IdeaPad series, you can find a great case for it that will protect it and allow you to tote the laptop wherever you go. If you are seeking the best case for 14 inch Lenovo IdeaPad laptop, look no further than these products.

Evecase makes a great case for 14 inch Lenovo IdeaPad laptop available in black. It is generally a sleeve type carrying case that can actually carry devices of up to 16.5 inches. It is made with a durable neoprene fabric that protects your laptop from the rain and other moisture conditions. It has a zipper closure and added room for your other items like your laptop adapter, charger, notepad and pen. Your laptop will be well protected against impact as well as there is some shock absorbency.

A great case for your 14-inch Lenovo laptop is Kozmicc’s 14.1-inch laptop sleeve. It is made of water resistant neoprene and has a handle that makes it easy to tote around. The case can be chosen in colors such as blue and white, black, pink, teal and white and black and red. It offers complete protection to your machine, and the handle is detachable for users who prefer to carry it around under their arm.

Lenovo makes its own great laptop case that can house devices from the IdeaPad and ThinkPad lines. This case is a stylish black backpack that has multiple compartments for not only your laptop but for accessories and your personal belongings. It is made with a rugged nylon fabric that keeps your computer safe against drops and bumps. You can adjust the shoulder straps to your liking for maximum comfort while using the case. There is also a handle at the top if you prefer to carry it that way.

If you are looking for a case for 14 inch Lenovo IdeaPad laptop, you simply cannot go wrong with any of these items. You will love their low prices as well.