Carbon fiber is all the rage right now and its everywhere. Back in the day the only place you ever saw carbon fiber was in race cars or military vehicles. Now its in everyday models of car interiors, watches, card cases, boats, and more. Practically anything that was made of plastic to cover something or encase something can be made of carbon fiber. While it’s more available, the luxury of it hasn’t waned at all. 

Laptop cases have finally gotten touched by the stylish trend and now finding a case for a 13 Macbook Pro with retina display in carbon fiber is not only a possibility, but it comes with options. Mosiso makes a complete case for a 13 Macbook Pro with retina display in carbon fiber and it is delicious. Macbook Retina 13 case, Mosiso Premium 13-Inch Carbon Style Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ with Retina Display A1502 / A1425 (NEWEST VERSION, NO CD-ROM Drive) by Mosiso is a beautifully crafted case in black carbon fiber that is designed to fit your 13 inch Macbook like a glove, as it is the actual film that you apply.

If the real deal isn’t what you want or you don’t want to have to keep it on for a long time then consider a Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Skin Case for 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display with Keyboard Cover by Case Tech. Precision cut for a 13 inch Macbook Pro, these skins are easy to apply and remove and will leave no residue. Both options are excellent protection for your laptop and provide scratch and scuff resistance. 

No matter what style you choose you can be certain that your laptop will be covered from surface damage. Both products are precision cut to fit and allow total access to all ports. Carbon fiber no longer has to come with a millionaire price tag but the style definitely hasn’t fallen short of one.