Today’s demanding lifestyle requires you to carry your laptop around wherever you go. When you are carrying your 13 inch MacBook Air around there are high chances of dropping it, knocking it, or even scratching the screen. The everyday handling of your MacBook demands adequate protection and care.

The latest case for 13 inch MacBook Air 2011 makes it possible to protect your Mac from scratches and dust without being cumbersome. New case designs for the 13 inch MacBook Air preserve its razor thin look with all other functionalities. Now, you can freely use your laptop with the case on. The case for 13 inch MacBook Air 2011 is designed in such a way that you gain unhindered access to the charging and USB ports without any added adjustments.

L EIMI AIR is one of the most prominent manufacturers of the hard case for 13 inch MacBook Air 2011. The rubberized texture of the exterior provides sound protection to your MacBook from all kinds of damage and allows the Apple logo to shine through. The hard case lacks a cut out design which makes it more effective in protecting your laptop. TopCase Rubberized Hard Case is another very effective design among 13 inch MacBook Air 2011 cases. This one comes in a see through style with complete access to all the buttons, ports, and a FaceTime camera.

The latest case designs come as a snap on model, which is easy to put on and take off. Snugg MacBook Air 13 inch Hard Case Cover is another superb example of protective cases. All their cases provide a perfect fit for the 13 inch Apple MacBooks which were launched in mid-2011. The Snugg Hard Case cover also comes with soft touch-hole patterns for better grip. The hard cases are made of durable material with an ultra-thin design which also gives your MacBook an added sleek look.

Worry no more about scratching or damaging your MacBook Air with the new and awesome MacBook Air 2011 cases.