Music is known as the universal language, and it is likely you have an MP3 player full of your favorite tunes. Using a portable music device is an excellent way to keep the beat going as you go about your day. Using a case flip for iPod 5 generation devices is a great way to protect your musical selections as well as have a handy case to carry other items like your license, credit cards or some cash if out for a jog or a run with your earbuds in.

A case flip for iPod 5 generation design that is a top pock is the iPod Touch 5 Case from JanCalm. This case comes in a variety of fun patterns including Elephant, Beautiful Tree and Colored Drawing, that appeal to all ages. This slim folio case is made of synthetic leather and has a two-card slot and money pocket so you can carry what you need. The magnetic closure keeps everything secure, and a bonus with this case is a colorful crystal capacitive pen designed to work with the touch screen.

Innovaa also offers a Premium Leather Wallet Case with bonuses including a touch screen stylus and free screen protector. This stand flip cover is available in multiple solid colors as well as patterns including Deer Hunting, Love Tree and Owl. The durable TPU frame and strapped magnet keep your device secure and the convenient card storage lets you keep ID and plastic close at hand.

The Cash Compartment Cover for iPod Touch 5 from Moment Dextrad has popular patterned designs such as Eiffel Tower and Aeolian Bells and is a compact concealer for your iPod. Slim folio options like these case flip for iPod 5 generation options keep your device secure and protected while allowing full access to ports and screen so you can listen without worry.