Wireless charging allows you to easily charge your cellphone without the bother of plugging it into an outlet. In order to do so, however, you’ll need to replace your existing battery cover with one specially designed for wireless charging. This may increase the size of your phone by a small amount. If you own a popular Samsung Galaxy model, you’ll need to purchase a case that fits the S4 with a wireless charging cover installed on it.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Case S View Flip Cover Folio in White allows you to see your missed calls, messages, signal, and battery status through the front window. You can also accept or reject phone calls without opening the case, or switch a call to speakerphone. Wireless charging is a breeze with this OEM cover, and because it’s made by Samsung you know the fit will be absolutely perfect. This flip style cover comes in black or white and is compatible with all Qi-certified charging pads.

You also have options if you prefer a rugged case that fits the S4 with a wireless charging cover, for maximum protection for your cellphone. The OtterBox Reflex Series gives you the renowned toughness of the OtterBox name while still allowing the case to fit over your phone, even with the charging cover. This sleek two-piece cover slides on from the top and bottom with an innovative design that features air pockets for corner impact absorption. Your phone is actually suspended inside this case, allowing the material to flex if dropped, protecting your phone from impact. The highly trusted OtterBox name is always a safe bet.

Just because you have to replace your battery cover with a wireless charging cover doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same device protection that you normally would. Order a case that fits the S4 with a wireless charging cover today.