For optimal computing performance, you need a few case fans 150mm in size. It’s best to have multiple case fans because they prevent computer components from overheating and increase airflow through the case. When shopping for 150mm case fans, the noise level is an important consideration to make. If you’re like most computer owners, you don’t want your computer case to sound like there is a Boeing 747 airplane taking off inside of it.

Try to stick with fans that have a noise rating of 19 DBA and lower. The SANYO DENKI SANACE FANS 9GV1512H501 are great products. They can move a lot of air but don’t produce too much noise. Each fan is built with a ball bearing and can keep your computer components cool. If SANYA isn’t your preferred brand, then you might consider getting some Delta AFC1512DG 15050 150mm DC Axial Case Cooling Fans. Each fan is powerful and constructed from quality parts.

They run on 12V DC electrical current and perform exceptionally well inside large server computer cases. However, they’re perfectly acceptable for use in personal computers. Another reliable option is the Fans DC Fan 150x50mm 12V GdVane NoRIb Tach Cooling Fans. These powerful axial fans will move plenty of air through your computer case and prevent your CPU from overheating.

Case fans are made to constantly push air through your computer case, and they work to keep the components cool. The components inside of your computer, such as the RAM, hard drive, CPU and graphics card, begin to lose performance as they get hotter. When the components aren’t performing optimally, you’ll lose precious time waiting for them to load different parts of your operating system and software programs.

With enough case fans 150mm in size, you’ll never have to worry about your components getting too hot and running slowly. A very compact, powerful 150mm case fan is the EBM PAPST W2E142-BB05-01 Axial Fan. You should only need one EBM PAPST fan for your whole case. A few quality 150mm case fans will prolong the life of your computer components and save you precious time.