Anyone looking to personalize their cell phone has a few options to ensure everyone will know a little more about your likes and personal taste. One of the best methods of personalization is the addition of a protective casing. Not only can a personalized case portray your tastes effortlessly, it will also protect your phone from day to day wear and accidental drops and bumps. For the case fanatic, there are a variety of sports-themed cases that will show everyone who your favorite teams are.

With cases available for a wide range of phones, like the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5/6, a case by Funky Sports may be exactly what you’re looking for. With full-coverage cases available showcasing mighty teams like Manchester-United and Chivas for the soccer fans and the Carolina Panthers for football fans, there’s sure to be a perfect case for almost anyone. For the baseball fans, JOCK makes an excellent shockproof case featuring teams like the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox. Not only do these cases allow you to let everyone know which team you’re rooting for throughout the year, they also offer excellent protection against drops and shock damage from the day-to-day bumps and accidents that are sure to occur.

Anyone that isn’t a particularly big sports fan will also want to express their individuality while also protecting their cell phone. With brands like Jayz Cases providing fan art cases for a variety of interests and Truth Fanatic offering hard PVC cases with direct print Bible verses and hymns, you’re sure to find a protective casing that fulfills your needs.

Tablet owners will also want a protective case. Whether you’re afraid of accidentally dropping your tablet during use, the tablet sliding off of your lap or are simply looking for a way to protect it from pets and other hazards around your home, a protective case like the WAWO folio case cover offers the protection you’re looking for, as well as a folding feature for improved ease-of-use any case fanatic will enjoy.