Keeping your computer cool can take extra power, and when your fan isn’t doing the trick or you have added to the internal workings – then you may need to hook up a larger fan than what came stock in the computer. When you do, the right cabling will help you get all the parts hooked up quickly and effectively, and with the minimum of fuss. You only have a certain number of fan connectors on your motherboard, and when those are maxxed out and you still need more cooling, these case fan power molex connectors really do the trick.

The 4 Pin Molex to 2 x 3 Pin Male Computer Case Fan Power Molex Connector Y-Splitter Adapter Cable from ExtremeMod converts the one 4-pin Molex connector into two 3-pin fan connectors, to get your 4-pin fan plugged into your power supply.

Phobya 4-Pin Molex to 4 x 3-Pin Fan Connector Cable is a 4-Pin Molex Connectors (1 male, and 1 female) as well as a 3-Pin Fan Connector (4 male), with a high quality black sleeving and heat shrink. This cable is perfect for powering multiple fans that rely on high wattage. Every pro-modder is looking for specifics, and the cabling is not only workable but also optically appealing as special attention was paid to the mesh surrounding of the cable to provide a unique and elegant look.

The Fan Splitter 4 Pin Molex – 3 Qty PWM Headers by Evercool allow you to connect multiple PWM fans so they can continue to receive their spin rate from your motherboard. This is particularly helpful when you have multiple fans strung together so they all maintain the same spin rate. Your motherboard will get up to the second RPM information back from each fan with this unique splitter.

Keep your gaming computer running cool as a cucumber when you add extra fans.