To some people, a fan is a fan. As long as it spins and keeps your computer’s temperature down, it’s working, right? Not exactly. Your case fan should be quiet and provide a focused stream of air to help move the cool air around your case, not just blow haphazardly onto your components. Case fans aren’t just about cooling, they’re about proper air flow, and the right fan will accomplish those tasks without sounding like a jet engine.

Sometimes, your fan needs depend on your case. While a standard fan will range from 80-120mm, there are some cases with case fan 300mm support on the top or side walls. However, sometimes a smaller fan can give you better control in terms of routing the air out through the back of the case. For example, the Cougar 120mm Turbine Hyperspin Silent Cooling Fan is a great solution that operates extremely quietly and helps keep the internal temperature of your system low.

Another solution is the ARCTIC F12 PWM Rev. 2 120mm case fan which includes PWM speed control and peaks at only 22.5 dBA when operating at max speed. This adjustable speed fan will operate at the right speed for the temperature which can keep it extremely quiet and cool. Additionally, this fan will stand out with it’s polar white blades which can pair up nicely with similar case fans.

Also, if you’re looking to upgrade some existing fans to fit into your new case, the Nexus 80mm or 92mm to 120mm Fan Converter kit is a great way to fit a smaller fan into a larger connection spot, meaning you won’t have to buy extra fans right away and can get the most use out of your existing hardware. This is also useful for mounting CPU fans into larger areas. While it isn’t quite large enough for a case fan 300mm mount point, it will still fit most cases just fine.

Keeping your system quiet and cool is incredibly important for longevity and performance, and this selection of fans will meet your hardware and aesthetic needs.