Personal computers and laptops have fans built into their systems in order to cool down the hard drive when it’s working hard. If the hard drive of a computer overheats, the system will run slowly, may shut down, and important data can be damaged. It is important to always have a CPU fan that works well and make sure that your laptop is getting the proper ventilation.

Computers that are custom built or have larger hard drives and are used more intensely than regular computers will heat up much faster and much hotter than a regular computer would. It’s easy to install an extra fan into the case of the computer in such cases, and this must be done in order to avoid irreversible damage to the system.

Cooler Master is among the most popular manufacturers of case fan 12 cm for computers, CPU coolers, and radiators. Their SickleFlow fans are available in different designs, including ones with red and blue LED colors for the fan blades. These lights add style to your computer and the silent application used ensures that the fan won’t produce any disruptive sounds. SickleFlow fans are built to last for 50,000 hours and can reach speeds of up to 2,000 rotations per minute.

UXCell and AeroCool also produce a wide variety of case fan 12 cm designs. AeroCool’s Silent Master CPU fan also comes equipped with blue LED lights for people who want to add style to their system. UXCell’s Black Filter Dust Guard Case Fan serves a dual purpose of cooling the computer while keeping dust particles out.

If you’re building or customizing a computer or if you’re planning to use your computer for gaming, always be sure that you have a high quality case fan 12 cm installed to keep the system running smoothly.