Every day it seems like more and more home invasions, burglaries, and shootings are occurring, so safety is more important than ever. A simple lock may not deter a determined criminal. Often times, more security is necessary. Dropcams have always been popular in the retail world, dotting the inside and outside of stores, keeping an eye out for shoplifters. Now, more than ever, dropcams are showing up throughout residential neighborhoods, helping keep homeowners safe. However, a dropcam is nothing without a case to protect it from both the weather and would be criminals.

Before buying a case for your dropcam, it is important to find a case that will fit the model of your dropcam. There are many different cases that vary in price, ranging from approximately $15 to $40. While all of the cases share the same features, not all will provide you with the same results. The cheaper models are more prone to glare and suffer with vision clarity during the night. Some of the cases also do not offer complete vision coverage, so you may find that the sides of the case block your dropcam’s view. Also, know that most dropcams you purchase will already come with an outdoor case. Unless you are completely unsatisfied with the regular case, it is sometimes best to stick with the default dropcam case. When using some cheaper dropcams, upgrading to a nicer case can often cost just as much or double the price of the actual dropcam itself.

While all dropcams come with cases installed already, it is sometimes necessary to buy a new one, whether from breakage or simply not functioning to the highest quality. Remember, pay attention to which case you need, and rest easy knowing that your dropcam in its case can make even a hardened criminal think twice.