DuPont is the original creator of ballistic nylon – a material that is ultra durable, synthetic, long lasting nylon fabric. Originally, the heavy-duty material was part of the jackets made for aviators during World War II. The reason the nylon fabric is called ballistic nylon is that the fabric was meant for offering some body protection from bullet fragments and debris. Today, the ballistic nylon has multiple uses and can be found in clothing, accessories, and sporting equipment as well as in popular cell phone devices and exterior phone housings on Android mobile selections.

Case Droid Turbo Compatible with Ballistic Nylon Merchandise is quite popular, affordable, and these phones are sought after by the consumer in need of a highly durable, sturdy smartphone. Among the case Droid Turbo compatible with ballistic nylon options is the Motorola Droid Turbo phone featuring an outer casing made of a rich black-colored ballistic nylon. The surface of the casing is slightly textured so when the phone is at rest on a surface there is some slippage protection. The exterior casing has an ultra smooth feel when the device is held by the user.

Many consumers who invest in case Droid Turbo compatible with ballistic nylon merchandise want to proudly show off the beautifully designed ballistic nylon on their device. To present the nylon material, the consumer will opt for a clear case – this allows others to see the thick, exceptional design of the ballistic nylon backing. It also allows the color of the phone backing and the texture to remain part of the visual style of the phone. A clear cover that is compatible with a specific model cell phone with a ballistic nylon backing can make for an easy way to double up the protection of the device and to keep the ballistic nylon material looking good and scratch free.