Desktop computers, commonly referred to as PCs, have towers that house the hardware the system runs on. These towers are equipped with multiple bays for the different drives the system can use. Unused drives will generally have a blank cover over them to prevent dust from getting inside. Used drives will also have covers designed to protect the internal mechanisms. If you have a PC with a tower you would like to install new drives in, you might be looking for some tower case drive bay covers.

When looking for the solid covers to place on an unused drive bay, you will find they are available in a few different sizes. Lian Li has a 3.5 inch black aluminum cover designed to fit some of the older computer cases. You could use this on an older tower, which might be missing the cover for its optical drive.

BitFenix has the newer 5.25 inch tower case drive bay covers available in your choice of white or black. This cover is designed to fit all models of Shinobi computers. It can be used to replace a broken or missing cover on the optical drive or on any unused drives. This cover is made with a soft touch surface, making it a good choice for use on retractable drives.

The towers used with desktop computers can have a tendency to overheat. This is especially true if the system is used for graphic intense programs, such as video games. If you have a tower that seems to get hotter than you would like, you can help increase the air flow by using one of the mesh covers on your unused bays. Both Corsair and Lian Li offer you a black 5.25 inch open mesh cover, designed to fit most newer drive bays.

Akust steps up their mesh drive bay cover with the addition of an internal filter. This item is designed to allow better air flow while minimizing the amount of dust that enters your system. You simply press the plate with the soft sponge-like filter, into the open mesh cover and press it onto your drive bay.

People spend a lot of money on their home computer systems, so it is important to take steps that help preserve the internal hardware. The tower case drive bay covers keep dirt and dust from entering the interior of your computer, so it will continue to operate smoothly.