When it comes to serious gamers, there are two vastly different species. There are those who prefer to play on a console and those who enjoy gaming with a computer. One thing about being in the latter group is that you really need to customize your setup in order to get the most from your game (and, of course, destroy your opponents). While this can mean all kinds of different parts and equipment, many would agree that a case desktop from MSI is a no-brainer. Whether you’re building a computer from scratch or trying to update your current model, the following two carry our highest recommendations.

The MSI Mini-ITX Gaming Desktop Barebone with 1 PCI-E x 16 and Slim Slot-load DVD SuperMulti Nightblade Z97-016BUS brings a whole lot to the table, especially at this very affordable price. Its Socket LGA A1150 is designed to support Intel 4th and 5th Generation models, so you don’t need to worry about having to regress just to take advantage of this case desktop from MSI. You’ll also get the benefit of a Core/Pentium/Celeron Processor, so it’s not like this incredible desktop is trying to get by solely on its looks.

A similar version is the MSI Mini-ITX Gaming Desktop Barebone with 1 PCI-E x16 and Slim Slot-Load DVD SuperMulti Nightblade-012BUS. This one comes with a little less in the features department, but may be the right case desktop from MSI for you if you have some very specific modifications you planned on making anyway. In that case, what more could you want than a 0.8mm thick steel case with a zinc coating and magnificent cable management?

If you love computer gaming and love winning, then begin your next build with a case desktop from MSI. Above are two very good options that should accommodate your needs no matter what the end goal is.