Your smartphone is an investment as well as a fashion statement. Protecting your phone with a case not only keeps your phone in mint condition, protects it from bumps and spills, but also allows you to express your own personal style. From case da Chanel inspired pinks to your favorite patterns, a cover will help your phone stand out.

If you want to keep your Galaxy S4 phone from wear and tear or damage from drops or spills, look for a three-piece phone case. The myLife Brand Products three-piece hybrid case in a unique sky-blue tree camouflage design fits most Galaxy S4 models. It features an easy-grip gel that keeps your phone from slipping from your hand but doesn’t catch on clothing. The smooth, duo-shield case has a thick and durable silicone surface to resist dirt and stains, a two-piece hard fitted external layer for security against falls and bumps, and a flexible silicone gel interior for extra protection.

If your style is quirky, myLife Brand Products offers a variety of colorful smartphone options. If case da Chanel pink is what you are looking for, you’ll love their sassy pink and white polka dotted case or their whimsical Tree of Love design, both for Galaxy S4 phones. iPhone 5/5S (5G) owners will enjoy the fun lavender, purple and white design in the Bubble Party series of phone cases. If purple’s not your hue, try one of the other five kicky color combinations.

Walking on the wild side with your phone is easier with cool animal print phone cases. Your iPhone 5/5S (5G) will look fierce when wrapped in a protective silvery grey and black leopard print neo hypergrip flex gel case, while their mod purple zebra striped three-piece case is a trendy rendition of 80s fashion for your Galaxy S4.

Keeping your phone safe from dust, scratches and damage from bumps and dings by wrapping it in a stylish case will keep your device in like-new condition, helping to retain its trade-in or resell value.