The moto g2 is incredibly popular among smartphone users due to its low price and excellent performance. However, while the moto g2 is certainly an excellent deal, some sacrifices were made in terms of its battery life and build quality. Here are some accessories that you should purchase to enhance your experience with the moto g2.

Protective Case

Due to the moto g2’s lack of build quality, a few drops can be enough to total this phone. Therefore, you want to purchase a protective case for the moto g2 immediately. There are many types of protective cases, such as wallet cases, silicon skins, and hard plastic cases. One example of a case that you should purchase is the case crystal moto g2 because it will not only protect your moto g2, but it will also beautify and enhance its appearance. One example of a case crystal moto g2 is Style4U’s Studded Rhinestone Crystal Bling Hybrid Armor Case.

Extra Battery

The moto g2 is a small smartphone compared to the major flagship smartphones currently on the market. Due to the small size of the smartphone, the battery of the moto g2 is small as well. Unfortunately, this translates to an inadequate battery life for the needs of most smartphone users. Fortunately, the battery of the moto g2 is replaceable. You can keep an extra charged battery in your bag or in your car. When your moto g2 needs to be charged, you can simply switch out the batteries.

Screen Protector

Unlike the smartphone flagships, the moto g2 does not feature gorilla glass. Therefore, it is incredibly important to purchase a screen protector for your moto g2. This screen protector will protect your moto g2 from scratches, marks, and dust. You want to replace the screen protector every once in a while so you should purchase a pack of screen protectors.

As you can see, there are many accessories that you can purchase for the moto g2 in order to enhance your experience with the vanilla Android smartphone. Just get the accessories discussed above and your moto g2 will remain in good condition for many years to come.