Whether you’re just waiting for the newest addition to the iPhone family, or you steadfastly refuse to follow the crowd and be one of the first, you need to make sure you protect your phone. Sure, there are many who are lucky and never drop their phone, but what happens if you are bumped? Alternatively, maybe the kiddo grabs it from the table and runs away with it? If those things happen, that expensive iPhone you’ve been so careful with just might end up with a shattered screen.

For those who want to protect their phones, but want something simple and elegant, a Case Crown iPhone 6 case is a cost effective choice. These cases are slim and sleek, fitting closely to your phone. There are cutouts on the sides and for the camera, ensuring full functionality. The material offers a secure, nonslip grip that will help keep the phone in your hand where it belongs.

If a plain Case Crown iPhone 6 case doesn’t interest you, there are other options available, such as the handmade Hundromi Clear Bling Gold Crown Crystal case. This type of case has the look of crystal, yet the rubberized feel that adds protection for the screen and components. You’ll also receive a matching stylus that makes your iPhone easier to use than ever.

There are also those who require more rugged protection, whether due to work, play or simply being a bit of klutz (we understand, so are we). If superior protection works better for you, consider one of the Element cases, which feature aluminum at the top and bottom.

Whether you opt for a Case Crown iPhone 6 case or another choice, you’ll have the peace of mind that your phone and screen will remain in one piece, even if little Tommy snags it and runs.