A socially-minded company, Case Crown specializes in the design of high quality consumer electronic accessories. They are the market leaders in making designs to protect the devices that you love and are so dear to you. All of the Case Crown products are innovative, inspiring, and stylish, while being socially beneficial to the world.

The exterior of the Case Crown Hard Drive Case is made using eco-friendly green material that has a long durability and is ideal for being carried around while travelling. The interior has linings of foam and felt that keeps the battery of your device protected against superficial and mechanical damage. It also has two elastic bands along the inside that hold the device and keeps it secured in place. An interior mesh pocket holds the USB cable and is also ideal for holding small accessories.

The Case Crown Hard Drive Case is ideal for holding all external hard drive devices. However, there have been some complaints regarding the storage of Seagate FreeAgent drives, though the Expansion range of products fit in perfectly. It is large enough to accommodate the USB drives and all associated. Most people prefer carrying two USB cables along with their hard drive so that they can plug them in all places. The case also does not look bulky when the hard drive is stored inside, which makes it easy to carry around, even on travels.

When closed, the product bears a clean, symmetrical look, unlike some of their competitors. An admirable feature is a zipper of supreme quality that makes it easy to open and close the case. Unlike some of the hard drive cases provided at the time of purchase of the device, this one offers a safe feel and is thus more likely to gain the trust of customers.

If you wish to keep your external hard drive free from trouble and damage, protect them with a Case Crown Hard Drive Case.