When is a purse not a purse? The answer is when it is a CaseCrown carrying case. It is not just women that often have a number of items that they want to carry along with them each day, but few men would want to be known for carrying a purse and most won’t easily accommodate a laptop or tablet anyhow. The solution is the very stylish line of messenger bags by CaseCrown. The CaseCrown carrying case is ideal for many different purposes for women, men and even children.

CaseCrown offers many different styles and also specific use cases, such as laptop cases which include memory foam for extra protection. The most popular CaseCrown carrying case for those that own a MacBook is the horizontal messenger bag. It comes in sizes to accommodate a 12’, 13” or 15” MacBook. They have a variety of colors, including charcoal gray, brown, black and Palo Alto green. They are all as comfortable to carry as they are stylish and practical.

Don’t worry if you do not have a MacBook, because they also have options for the Microsoft Surafce Pro, Dell Venue 11 Pro, iPad, and more. Additionally, you can pretty much use any bag for any brand as long as you pay attention to the size of the CaseCrown carrying case that will match the size of your laptop or tablet. With sizes that accommodate from 11” to 17”, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping your electronics safe and handy.

A CaseCrown carrying case is ideal for every day, getting around campus, or for traveling. Use it as your personal item on a flight and you can take plenty of things along to make the time in the air productive and more enjoyable.

You don’t even have to own a laptop or tablet to enjoy all that the CaseCrown carrying case has to offer. Use that extra compartment for files, the book you are reading or a sketchpad. The options are limitless and make this far more useful than the old “fanny pack” that used to be so popular.