As soon as you purchase an iPhone 6, you realize how much of an investment it is. It is a good idea to protect this investment with a case. Yet, you don’t want one that it is bulky, uncomfortable, or that takes up a lot of room in your purse or pocket. Instead, try a case with credit card holders for iPhone 6 in gold. This case will allow you to discretely carry credit cards, cash, and other small necessities on you without leaving your phone behind.

The iPhone 6S Case – ZVE Slim Protective Leather Wallet, Credit Cards ID Holders and Carrying Case is perfect as a sleek case with an elegant design. The gold color has a vintage look that will go with any outfit you wear. Furthermore, the credit card pocket holds up to three cards, which you can easily get out using the ribbon to open the pocket.

Another options is the iPhone 6 Case, Vofolen Impact Resistant Protective Shell iPhone 6S Wallet Cover Shockproof Rubber Bumper Case is great if you need extra protection for your phone. This heavy duty case still has a slim design, and the sliding back cover allows you to easily access your credit cards or bills you keep inside.

The iPhone 6s Case TORU Protective Hidden Wallet Case with Mirror for iPhone 6 has a place for your ID and your credit card. The back opens and forms two slots for your cards. It closes tightly with a snap, so you don’t have to worry about the back accidentally opening or your cards falling out. This case comes in traditional gold or rose gold, depending on your preference.

A case with credit card holders for iPhone 6 in gold is a must have accessory if you want a stylish case to protect your smartphone.