How many of you can remember doing your homework with a pencil and paper while looking up information in the encyclopedia and checking the spelling of words in the dictionary? Today it is a requirement that most reports and writing assignments be typed before they can be turned in to the teacher. In some instances, the assignment is emailed to the teacher and is never printed on paper.

There is an advantage to completing school work, if the technology is available. Many school districts do not have the funds to provide each child with a laptop or tablet, but many will allow children to bring their own to be used while at school. Many parents are providing their children with a Samsung Galaxy tablet to take with them to school to make the dreaded book report a little easier to finish.

It is no secret that kids are hard on their stuff and it is only a matter of time before their belongings are damaged or broken. This is why it is vital that the new Samsung Galaxy tablet have a case to protect it on its daily journey from the house to school and back.

Case covers for the Samsung Galaxy tablet 4 10.1 inch screen are available in a variety of styles and materials. The case cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Inch Tablet Smart Cover Creative Folio by WAWO is created from PU leather to provide protection and be comfortable to the touch. This is also a smart cover. The front of the case has lines that allow it to be folder back to create a stand for watching videos. The tablet will automatically turn on when the case is opened and immediately turn itself off when the case is closed, helping to ensure that the battery will last the entire school day.