Cell phones are everywhere. There is no escaping these devices since nearly everyone e seems to own one. The latest report from Pew Research pegs cell phone ownership at about two thirds of the U.S. population. The standard cell phone is made with plastic, metal and glass components that tend to scratch, crack or break.

The phone accessories market is a substantial one with cell phone cases topping the list at 36 percent of the market according to Statistic Brain. Cell phone cases protect the device from scratches, smudges and grime. The TPU Case Cover for LG Optimus L90/T-Mobile LG D415 is made from a sleek black material with a matte finish to resist fingerprint smudging. It is pre-cut to match all the ports on the phone, ensuring easy-on, easy-off installation.

Exceptionally klutzy cell phone users may benefit from a heftier phone case. The Fosmon LG Optimus L90/LG D415 Case – Hybo-Ragged Heavy Duty Hybrid Protective Cover with Kickstand provides a double layer of protection, using impact resistant polycarbonate material. The ragged, industrial-grade material cushions the phone from cracking or denting in case the phone is dropped or handled roughly.

Cell phone cases turn these electronic devices into fashion accessories. Made from various materials, including rubber, plastic and metal alloys, these phone cases are stamped, printed and painted with designs and textures. Phone owners have the option of switching cases to reflect their mood or to match the outfit of the day. Cutesy designs such as those on the TOOPOOT Three Cute Owls Flip Stand Leather Cover Case For LG Optimus L90 allow users to customize their phone’s appearance. Cell phone cases make it possible to personalize the phone. Without a cover, these devices look the same, but with a cell phone case with a unique design or striking color will distinguish your phone and make it easy to identify.

Using a cell phone case is an economical way of protecting your pricey cell phone from being damaged due to accidents or from regular wear and tear. Adding or changing your cell phone cover is an easy and affordable way to change the style and appearance of your phone.