Unless you have a perfect record of immunity to phone slips, these case covers for HTC Desire 510 will save you from that heartbreaking sound of a shattered screen the moment your unprotected HTC hits the floor. The HTC Desire 510 is particularly sleek and slim, rendering it highly susceptible to breakage when it falls. A case cover can save you from that agony.

The Cimo case covers HTC Desire 510 were built to offer your phone protection from a hard fall while at the same time offering a complimenting aesthetic appeal. The covers are made of shock-absorbing rubberized polycarbonate material, smooth across the back and rigged at the edges to give you a comfortable grip while providing a line of defense from hard falls.

Whether you’re plain flimsy or just occasionally suffer from wobbly hands, the repetitive dropping of your smartphone will not do away with your HTC’s case cover. The soft-touch rubberized satin is made durable with a hard shell construction for longevity. The ridges at the edges protect your smart phone’s screen when it drops and also enhance grip to avoid accidental slipping. They also make it a lot easier to take off the cover.

If polycarbonate is not for you, try the HTC Desire 510 case by CoverOn that’s made of hard plastic and lined with a rubber interior. Its designed to form fit your phone while providing protection from damaging falls.

This added protection does not come at the expense of your smart hone’s usability. These HTC case covers were engineered to allow full use of your volume buttons, charger, microphone, headphone jack, camera and all other essential ports. The Nagebee HTC Desire 510 case cover adds a special stand cover feature that allows the cover to fold into a stand support for tilted viewing.

Choose from a wide range of ultrathin, multicolored, lightweight covers weighing in at less than an ounce each. If you’re not into monochrome colors and are looking for individualistic design, go for one of the Nakedshield HTC Desire 510 Hunter Camouflage animated case covers featuring leopard print, wildlife scenery or just any other design you may fancy.

While the HTC Desire 510 was designed to last ages, an unpleasant accident may abruptly cut that short. A case cover will make sure that does not happen.