The Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet is one of the most popular Windows tablets on the market. The tablet launched running Windows 8 but has since been upgradeable to Windows 10. That means that your tablet won’t be outmoded for quite some time, and if you want to ensure that your device lasts throughout that period, then you owe it to yourself to consider case covers for the Venue 8 Pro tablet.

When shopping for case covers for Venue 8 Pro tablets, the Bobj Rugged Case manufactured by BobjGear should be one of the first that you consider. This case provides a strong, impact-resistant protective layer as well as additional protection at likely damage points, such as the bezel, edges and corners. It fits snug and also has vents in order to avoid air flow obstruction.

If you don’t need that level of rugged protection and prefer an option that makes the tablet more usable, then consider the Rotating Lightweight case by E LV. This cover adds hardly any weight at all and provides moderate protection to all sides of the device. It also folds out into a stand and has a rotating clasp so that you can view it in either portrait or landscape mode.

Another folio-style option is the case by Fintie, which doesn’t have a rotating clasp but does have a clean leather surface. This case is a bit thicker but not any heavier than the E LV option, and it offers the look of a personal keeper, including a side loop that you can use to store your stylus pen.

Some case covers for Venue 8 Pro tablets include a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, and if you prefer that setup, you should consider the case by IVSO. This cover functions as a case, keyboard and stand, and the keyboard is an actual laptop-style keyboard minus the touchpad, which isn’t really needed here.

Case covers for a Venue 8 Pro tablet are a wonderful investment because they’re affordable, protect the device from significant damage and can even enhance functionality. There are a lot of options on the market, and you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the one that perfectly suits you.