Think your phone looks too mass produced? Want to separate yourself from the hoi polloi of branded high-end phones on the market? It’s time to personalize your phone with a fun and protective case cover for your Nokia Lumia 521. Find a phone case that acts as both protection and jazzed-up cover for your gadget. Here are our suggestions.

Try the Silicon Hybrid Challenger Case Cover Protector with Kickstand for the ultimate functionality. It’s certainly the convenient pairing for your Nokia Lumia especially if you’re fond of using it as pseudo-tablet for important business meetings. If you want to go the more subdued route, go for the MYBAT Hybrid Dual Layer Hard Skin Gel Snap. It’s a sleek case for your phone and it’s a harder cover but without the added weight. There’s also the HRWireless T-Stand Impact Kickstand Hybrid Double Layer which saves your phone from scratches when you bump it against surfaces or drop it. Or, try the White Standard Back Cover with Battery Door. It saves you from fumbling carelessly with your phone while trying to replace the battery.

Choosing a case cover for your phone seems like a total no brainer. And it is. When you’re browsing for case covers for Nokia Lumia 521, just consider the composition. It should be made of some durable material like silicone, hard plastic, or hard gel. This is how you make sure that it’s a complete protection for your gadget, capable of even expanding the lifespan of your Nokia Lumia for up to 2 years more. As for style, that’s the fun part. Find a cover that reflects your personality, whether it’s in elegant ostentatious colors or in quirky patterns.

And here’s an idea, case covers for Nokia Lumia 521 are the perfect thoughtful gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Buy these for your close friends or nieces/nephews because they’re the ultimate must-have for today’s millenials. Start shopping now.