The HTC Desire 816 is preferred by customers who want a reliable and smooth-performing phone with a bigger screen without spending too much for it. The Micro SD support and excellent dual speakers that face the front are features that also add value to this smartphone. To keep it in excellent condition, there are case covers for HTC Desire 816 phones.

Investing in a case cover for your HTC Desire 816 is essential if you want to keep your phone protected from falls, bumps, scratches, dents and dust. The case covers available can be made of silicone, PU leather or hard plastic.

They also come in a variety of styles. There are case covers that are crafted like wallets which don’t only protect the phones but can also accommodate your cash and credit cards. Others are simply snap-on cases whose purpose is to provide maximum protection for your phone. There are also covers that don’t only safeguard your phone but also have non-slip grip designs and kickstands to make viewing of pictures and videos more comfortable.

E LV offers a wallet/purse case cover made of deluxe PU leather for the HTC Desire 816. It does not only keep your phone safe in the event of a hard fall but also has space for your money and credit cards. You don’t also have to remove your phone from the case if you want to use it because you’ll have access to such features as the user interface, camera and headphone jack while the phone is in the case.

If you simply want a no-nonsense standalone case, the black S-line silicone case from Caseflex fits the HTC Desire 816. It features a clear screen protector and cutouts for the phone’s external features like the charger, headphone and camera.

A protective case is often the only difference between a phone that survives after a nasty fall and one that wonks out. Case covers for HTC Desire 816 are affordable and worthy investments that can lengthen the life of your phone.