You love your new Galaxy Ace and you plan to have it for quite a while, but plans can be suddenly changed when an unfortunate accident turns it into an expensive paperweight. You can avoid that scenario by making your first accessory one of the case covers for Galaxy Ace that will protect it. At the same time you can give your phone some personality thanks to all the designer options available through online retailers.

Galaxy Wireless has a wide variety of ultra-defense yet stylish case covers for Galaxy Ace. For example, their S765 Defender Bling Hybrid Gel Protector Cover is heavy duty and shock resistant with a dual layer cover yet also stylish and slim. There are many designs and even other styles to choose from, all so affordable and easy to install that you could get them all if you wanted to mix it up from day to day. The Wallet Case Style S765C is worth a look too as it includes a foldable stand and pockets for your ID and credit cards.

Carryberry is another provider of case covers for Galaxy Ace. Their Flip Pouch Cover Card Holder comes in a variety of colorful designs to add style and character to your phone while protecting it from dust, dirt and scratches. The denim in two color options is a cute choice, as are the floral patterns and PU Leather Skin Case options in various colors.

For the pink-passion gal, Galaxy Series Tribe-Tiger Minnie Mickey Series in premium leather will be perfect. It is made of 100% new premium leather in a wallet case design. You have eight design options, all in pink/red shades. They all sport the cute Minnie bow and from there you can choose hearts, leopard print and polka dots.

Cute and protective, you can have the best of both worlds with case covers for your Galaxy Ace. Show off your passion while keeping your phone safe from harm.