If you’re using a BlackBerry, chances are good that you need it for work. While most of the private sector has moved to iPhones and Android phones, many corporations and government entities have found that the BlackBerry fits their needs better. If you’re carrying a BlackBerry for work, you especially don’t want it to get damaged or lost, so you’re likely looking for some good case covers for BlackBerry devices, right?

BlackBerry makes a cool case cover out of genuine leather. It looks sleek and professional, and it’s highly protective. Not only that, but it has a message notification feature, as well. Whenever you have a message, an LED will blink red to let you know. Plus, you can talk with a closed case, and it’s NFC friendly, too.

BlackBerry makes another flip case cover that’s leather, as well, but this one – which is specifically designed for the BlackBerry PRIV – has a window to show the time, date, and your notifications. Plus, it has LED message notifications, as well. This case includes an automatic power-saving feature, and it’s NFC friendly, too.

GALAXY WIRELESS has slim leather case covers for BlackBerry devices, available in brown, black, hot pink cheetah print, or with a rainbow sunflower design. This case leaves full access to all ports, and it’s perfect for watching movies or video chatting. Plus, it has two card slots if you want to leave your wallet behind and only carry your phone with you, and it has two layers of protection to keep your BlackBerry from getting damaged in a drop or any other accident.

Whether you carry a BlackBerry for work or as your personal phone, you want to keep yours safe and secure, and you want a case cover that’s both functional and attractive. Order one of these cases and you’ll have no problem keeping your BlackBerry out of harm’s way.