One of the most recent Windows Phones released is the Nokia Lumia 635. This is a great device that has a 4.5-inch screen, live tiles and even screen readability in bright sunlight. While Nokia phones are known for being very durable, it is a smart move to purchase a case to protect it. There are plenty you can buy in a variety of styles and colors. Here are some of the top case covers for a Nokia Lumia 635 to consider.

Of the case covers for a Nokia Lumia 635 that are available, Nokia has a great one that fits both the 635 and the Lumia 630. It is a two-piece snap on hard protective case with a full screen protector. Available in black, this case is matte in color and has a rubbery coating that offers the user better grip, which prevents accidental drops. You have access to all the ports and buttons due to appropriate cutouts and openings. The screen protector is high quality and won’t leave any bubbles and will let your screen stay clear.

Galaxy Wireless offers a wallet style case for your Lumia 635. It is available in a few different cute artistic designs, such as a colorful tree, lotus flowers and hot pink cheetah and has a wrist strap for carrying convenience. There is a slot for all of your paper money and credit, debit, rewards and ID cards as well as a magnetic side closure. In addition, there is even an included stand to use when you want to view media on your smartphone.

If you enjoy popular culture, you can even get a case cover for the Lumia 635 featuring one of your favorite movie characters. Alex World offers a very cute Despicable Me minion 3D case for the smartphone. It is made with silicone and protects your device from debris as well as drops and screen cracks. The case is in the shape of a minion and offers access to all the ports and buttons. Included with your purchase, you will also get a stylus and key chain.

These are some of the best case covers for a Nokia Lumia 635 you can find. They are adorable, practical and come with very nice price tags.