Finding a protective case for your phone can be difficult if you don’t have one of the more popular mobile devices. Companies that make phone accessories seem to focus on iPhone and Android users above everyone else. When you need a case to cover a ZTE Z970 phone, your best bet for finding a stylish case is to check out your favorite online retailer.

The T-Mobile ZTE ZMAX Z970 is a large phone and tablet combination device, sometimes called a phablet, which doesn’t fit in most universal cases. The Cellularvilla PU Leather Walle Case is a great design that is made to fit your ZTE Z970 perfectly. The cover has a magnetic closure to keep it in place, and can be used as a stand to turn your phone into a hands-free viewing device. This case comes in seven different stylish patterns.

The best way to protect a mobile device is to use a dual-layer phone case that combines the shock-absorbing properties of a silicone sleeve with a heavy duty plastic case. The case cover for a ZTE Z970 phone by ShockWize does just that. This Tactical Series phone case protects while allowing you full access to all your ports and buttons. This dual layer case features a black silicone sleeve, and the hard polycarbonate case comes in six different colors to choose from.

There are many other great options for covering your ZTE Z970 phone, such as the wallet case from Allmet and the snap on case from Bastex. A phone is an expensive investment that holds your entire life, from your contacts to your schedule to your photos and music. Breaking it can be incredibly inconvenient, and the bills to fix it can add up quickly. Keeping your phone protected ensures that you won’t have to deal with any costly repairs or replacements any time soon.