Tablets are changing the way we use and think about computers. Portability means you no longer have to be at a desk to have use of a fully functioning computer. But portability comes with the risk of accidents and scrapes. Protect your Asus tablet with a stylish case cover for the Asus Pad MG10.

FYY, one of the bestselling case sellers online, offers their case cover in two styles and six colors. Their “Folio Classic” offers a soft interior that protects the screen from scratches while tough plastic exterior helps protect your device from shock. The front of the cover flips around and serves as a kickstand for the screen, perfect for watching movies, Skyping with a friend, or typing up a paper. A magnetic strip in the cover activates your device’s sleep mode when closed, saving battery. Likewise, when opened, the magnetic strip wakes your tablet up so that you’re ready to go immediately. The buyer may select from vibrant black, green, purple, red, blue, and pink.

The “Fully Armed” case cover from FYY offers extra padding under its PU leather exterior along with fully covered corners for added protection and peace of mind. Each case includes ventilation holes and cut outs for each of your tablet’s controls and camera features. As was the “Folio Classic”, you may select from black, green, purple, red, blue, and pink. Your case cover for the Asus pad MG10 is custom made for your model of Asus tablet, so perfect fit is guaranteed.

Either option made available by FYY is pleasing to the touch and offers up a level of protection that is vitally important in the world of electronics. Don’t let your tablet be left naked and vulnerable! These affordable cases offer a pleasing non-slip grip, stylish color options, and superior protection. No electronics purchase is complete until your device is safely housed in a protective case. Don’t delay. The tablet you save could be your own.