Many cars have an integrated iPhone dock, iPhone connection port or Bluetooth adapter that enables you to connect your iPhone 6 Plus to the car’s stereo system. However, if your car does not have any iPhone connections, you can still listen to the audio content in your device’s digital library by using an applicable FM radio transmitter. This device can transmit the audio content on your phone to your car’s radio. A transmitter is a great alternative to buying a new car stereo for your iPhone 6 Plus that has a built-in iPhone connection port.

The Aplhatronix Universal Car Mount Charger with built-in docking station is a good example of an FM transmitter that is designed to fit your iPhone 6 Plus. In addition to transmitting your audio content from your iPhone to your radio, it has an adjustable dock that can hold your device, a microphone for hands-free conversations and an integrated USB charger to keep your iPhone charged. In addition, the FM transmitter has an LED display that clearly shows the station it is using. For your convenience, the transmitter also allows you to change the FM frequency using the channel buttons.

If you prefer a simple transmitter, consider trying the Seneo FM transmitter. The device has an easy to use design with a bright LCD display that offers good visibility in low-light conditions. Instead of purchasing a car stereo for your iPhone 6 Plus, use this transmitter to broadcast your audio content to your current stereo. It easily connects to your phone’s 3.5mm audio jack, offers a stable FM signal and has anti-interference features.

If you own a car that has a car stereo for iPhone 6 Plus, such as a late-model BMW X5, you can use a dedicated cable to connect your iPhone to the car. For example, the Moonet BMW Mini 3.5mm USB Interface Adapter cable can connect your iPhone to the vehicle’s iDrive system, which allows you play your audio content through the vehicle’s stereo system.

Although you can listen to the audio content from your iPhone with a pair of headphones when you are driving your car, it is much safer to listen to the content through your car’s stereo.