When you need a phone holder as well as a cigarette lighter, consider going for convenience coupled with the latest technology. Why clutter up your car with several different products when one simple device can provide a car phone holder, cigarette lighter mount and phone charger all in one? Available in a variety of styles, these multi-task USB port chargers enable you to keep your phone close while driving and give you the extra option of plugging in something else.

The VicTsing Dual USB Port Car Phone Charger Mount with Cigarette Lighter features a 360-degree rotating, adjustable mount for your iPhone. This product securely mounts your phone while charging, but it has extra ports, so you can charge your tablet and phone or two phones at the same time. You can also plug another device into the slot, making this little beauty capable of charging 3 devices at once. Make sure the optional cable is the right length.

Another great device is made by Souldio. Their black-and-green Car Charger Mount with Cigarette Lighter features the latest triangle design for better stability and phone protection. This enables you to rotate your phone in any direction. Portrait, landscape or on a diagonal, this car phone holder and cigarette lighter mount lets you fine-tune the angle for best viewing. Compatible with a variety of smart phones, the USB port and headphone jack is on the top of the device.

For iPhone owners looking for a goose-neck rotation, the Esonstyle Cigarette Lighter Mount and Adjustable Holder with USB Ports Charger is convenient as well as flexible. Not only can you adjust the phone to easily see your GPS information, but you can also use the phone while it’s charging. The mount adjusts to fit a variety of phone sizes, which makes it versatile as well as convenient.

When you pick up a car phone holder cigarette lighter mount that also has the capacity to charge your phone while driving, you’ll never have to worry about your phone going dead when you need it most.