For many of us, we almost feel naked if we are running around without our cell phone. We have become so dependent on them though, that many states have made laws requiring that drivers do not hold their phones while driving. This has opened up an opportunity for a large variety of companies to create different variations of car mount holders for the LG G4. These holders position your phone so it does not distract your vision but allows you to view your cell phone when stopped while driving.

There are many different ways that these car mount holders for LG G4’s attach the phone to the mount. Ramkon is one of the companies that uses the traditional suction cup holder for the cell phone. This just requires some light pressure to attach your phone and have it stay in place while you drive.

If you are driving on rough surfaces, you might want to choose a holder that appears to be more secure. One technology for those is using a magnetic mount to attach the phone. Nexcon is one of those companies. One of the advantages of a magnetic mount is that it holds your phone securely, but can take less pressure from your hand to remove it. This allows you to remove it quickly when stopped to answer the phone or check directions.

Speaking of directions, both of these companies offer mounts that can be located on your dashboard in perfect position to use your cell phone as a GPS. Instead of having to spend money on another electronic gadget, these affordable devices save you money and allow you to find your destination easily.

While it is true that many accidents over the years have been caused by careless use of cell phones when driving, you don’t have to be part of the problem. Take a couple minutes to install a car mount holder for LG G4 and you can drive with confidence knowing you are following your local laws.