You rely on your smartphone for almost everything. You can’t believe how dependant you’ve become on this little device in the last four years, but you have to admit your life has become way more streamlined and organized, having all of the things you need for your daily life in one place.

At this point, you can hardly take a bite out of your sandwich before preserving it for posterity on Instagram. You check Google Maps religiously, and can’t honestly recall the last time you were lost. All of your important contact info and personal information is on your phone, as well, including all of your business contacts. You’re not even sure if you’d know your own phone number, if it weren’t saved.

You’ve become reliant on your Samsung Galaxy S3 since you first got it. Now it’s your constant companion. Being a slightly older phone, its battery life isn’t quite what it used to be. Get yourself the Premium 1000mAh Micro USB Retractable Car Charger for Samsung Galaxy S3 / Galaxy S3 Mini / Galaxy Note 2. Its unobtrusive design makes it easy to just leave this charger plugged in at all times, leaving you with a permanent mini-USB charger tail, for when you start running low on bars. You don’t have to worry about leaving your phone plugged in, as an intelligent IC chip will automatically detect when your device is charged, saving power and battery wear.

If you’re charging multiple Samsung devices, there’s also the Samsung Galaxy Charger, NOOT PRODUCTS Essential Home & Car Charger 4-in-1 Travel Kits, which also includes a wall-charger, as an added bonus.

The thought of being stranded with a dead phone fills you with an icy dread. Now, there’s no need to panic, when you get a car charger for your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.