If you ask people which device is currently king of the smartphone hill, most of them are probably going to say the iPhone 6. While there have definitely been a number of challengers to the crown, the iPhone 6 just has too much going for it to be dethroned. Of course, like with most smartphones, its battery is a bit of a disappointment. Depending on how many apps you regularly run, your iPhone 6 could tap out after just a few hours of operation. Fortunately, if you’re in the car, you can charge your iPhone 6 with a simple and convenient device and have a full battery by the time you get out.

AmazonBasics sells one we really like. Their Apple-Certified Lightning Car Charger ensures you get a complete charge from a device specifically made for your iPhone 6. Its coiled cord can reach 1.5 feet, but you can also stretch it to nearly four feet, which makes it easy for backseat passengers to get their phones charged too. The best thing about this charger, though, is how fast it will charge your phone. Its 2.1A output is most likely going to be much quicker than what you’re used to with wall chargers.

Another one we really like is the iMusicteh Car Phone Mount Dual USB Charger. For one thing, it provides over charge and over current protection to your phone. However, its most distinct feature is the fact that it will both charge your phone and hold it up for you at the same time. It can easily extend from 115.5 mm to 167.6 mm. This makes it easy to get directions in your car and charge your iPhone 6 in the process.

The next time you have somewhere to be, charge your iPhone 6 as you drive there with one of the two quality devices we just covered.