If you’re in the market for a new phone, you probably already know how many options are out there. This can make it a bit difficult to choose, to say the least. However, if your budget is a major consideration in this choice, the ZTE Maven is a great option that will definitely respect your budget, but also provide plenty of functionality. For those who want a stylish method for keeping their device safe, a car armor case for the ZTE Maven is definitely the way to go.

One example of this would be the NES Video Game Controller Blitz Hybrid Armor Case. As you can see, this case is styled after the original Nintendo console’s controller. However, it does a lot more than just look cool. It also comes with a kickstand which makes it easy to watch videos without having to hold your device the entire time. Of course, it also offers two layers of protection, with space for your vital buttons, camera lens and charging port.

Another version comes from Atom. Their ZTE Maven Z812 Black Symbiosis Stormer Case is impact-resistant thanks to its shock absorbing materials. Furthermore, there’s a raised rim around the screen which prevents it from touching any surfaces when laid flat. This could save the device if you drop it on its face by accident.

This one has that handy kickstand as well. When not in use, though, it will sit perfectly flush with the rest of this car armor case for the ZTE Maven, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming snagged on your pockets or clothes.

Just because the ZTE Maven is extremely affordable doesn’t mean you want to take chances with having to buy a new one. Fortunately, as we just showed, you have two very stylish, very durable cases to choose from.