Air conditioning is often overlooked when it comes to car maintenance. The car ac quick connect adapter makes it quick and easy to keep up with this important system. Each adapter is crafted to offer tight hookups for the best calibrations.

TMS has the TMS Car AC R134a System Port Quick Connector Adapter that works with HVAC auto air-conditioning. The connectors can be hooked up quickly thanks to the color coding. It has red and blue to distinguish the sides. The blue is 14mm while the red side is 16mm.

The Flexzion Car AC R134a Quick Connectors System Port Adapters offers a connection for a manifold hose. These connectors are 90 degrees and feature the colors of blue and red. The blue side is ¼ inch SAE male while the red is on the low side and is also ¼ inch SAE male. This connector is brass and the flares are covered.

Generic has come up with the AC Air Condition QUICK COUPLER Adapter High Low Manifold Freon Connector R134A. On this adapter is a low pressure coupler that has a valve as well as a high pressure coupler and a valve. It fits a R-134A AC manifold gauge.

The Mountain 8201 R-12 to R-134a Conversion Quick Connect Coupler Set will make getting a job done easily. It has a coupler that snaps to lock. The piece is made to not move when being used. The set also comes with an adapter that will fit a tank. This coupler is 8 ball.

NE has the 2013newestseller New AC R134A QC15 Quick Couplers Connectors Adapters. This set has a easy to read color coded system. The blue side is 17mm and is on the low side while on the high side or red side it is 20mm. It is made of brass which will last through years.

A car ac quick connect adapter offers a quick solution to testing and maintenance. Every model is covered thanks to its design. From long range issues to checkups, these adapters are made to handle anything.