If you are searching for a means to charge up your phone when you are in a vehicle, then the Car AD DC and Cell Phone Charger range is the one for you to check out. Here are a few of the most popular examples.

Let us first consider the Peakeep 2.1A Dual USB Travel Charger (White) with its all in One Design, including the plug prongs and car charger plug, which can be folded easily and securely away when not in use, making a convenient to carry cube, ideal for travel and home. There is also failsafe protection, so you will never overcharge or overload any device being charged up. The 2.1A output is compatible for cell phones, tablets and pads. The connection status shows up clearly with the dimmed internal LED power indicator.

Next up is the EZOPower All-in-One USB Travel Charger. Whether you are on a road trip or in a hotel, you can use this charger without having to bring a separate one for one location or the other. You can use the AC wall connection in the hotel room, and the car charger end plugs in properly and firmly to the cigarette lighter. Even when you travel abroad, you do not need a convertor with this charger, which also has short-circuited protection.

Finally, you may want to look into is the Lenmar PowerPort Gold All-In-1 Portable Battery Wall & Car Charger. This versatile and elegant charger can add up to six hours of talk time, because of the Lithium Ion Battery providing longer lasting power for smartphones and other devices, powered through USB ports. The integrated AC prongs and DC adapter enable this unit to charge up any device through any traditional outlet as well as in your vehicle. Your phone can also be charged up without being plugged in with the portable battery.

The above top quality products in the Car AC DC and Cell Phone Charger range enable the discerning customer to choose wisely.